El Palacio de Hierro is one of Mexico's leading retailers with department stores throughout the country. As part of their overall brand strategy each store features unique design elements that reflect the history and character of their location.

In 2018 renovations began on the Pedregal store, located within the Perisur mall complex. Palacio asked Lance Wyman and Deduce to develop an identity for the store that referenced Wyman's work in Mexico in the 1960s and 70s, the same period when Pedregal came to prominence.
Together with Lance we developed a quatrefoil 'P' logo that abbreviated the brand name and location eloquently, and could easily be repeated to create patterns.

Using the logo as a starting point we then developed a custom typeface and pictograms for the wayfinding system.

The project is being implemented throughout 2020.
Graphic Design
Type Design
Creative Direction
Lance Wyman

Graphic Design
Lance Wyman
Andy Butler
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