Otro Oaxaca is our latest collaboration with Grupo Habita. This newly opened property designed by RootStudio, immerses travelers within Oaxaca through a local lens.

Located directly across from the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman the hotel appears unassuming from the street. But behind its historic façade is a contemporary compound that extends the vibrancy of the public square through a series of picturesque courtyards, a lively roof terrace, and cultural spaces.
Otro's concierge is the community and Oaxaqueños take pride in showing you “the other Oaxaca”, one that is removed from the tourist traps most people fall into on their first visits.

This idea of ‘another’ or ‘other’ (Otro) is where the name comes from, another way to see the city, another way to experience its culture – one that is slower and more authentic. It also serves as an open invitation – to do things another way, to embrace the unexpected with optimism.
The city has a distinct and unique character; limestone churches and cobbled roads intertwine with colourful facades some new, many several centuries old. The constant presence of street art - both political and surreal - blends seamlessly with hand rendered lettering and stencilled type. Our approach was to translate this aesthetic into an elegant but utilitarian typeface that could be used playfully across signage, stationery and promotional materials.
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Communication Strategy
Creative Direction
Andy Butler

Graphic Design
Andy Butler
Fernando Toral
Valeria Jimenez
Pita Leon de la Barra

Andy Butler
Hugo Vela
Sergio Herrasti


Grupo Habita

Architecture + Interiors

Carlos Couturier + RootStudio 

Colectivo Subterráneos

Sergio Lopez
courtesy of Grupo Habita
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