Nouvel was established in 1994 as an experimental glass shop and innovation arm of Pavisa. Since then partnerships with the world’s leading spirits and fragrance brands have established Nouvel as a pioneer in the world of glass design and production.

We rebranded 'Nouvel Studio' as 'Nouvel' and evolved the previous brand identity to maintain brand recognition, while allowing the company to speak the same language as its luxury clients.

Decorative elements found in the previous system were removed, typefaces were reduced and emphasis was placed on print finishes and contemporary photography that united packaging and design under one aesthetic.

A new star symbol was introduced that stands for quality while suggesting the brilliance and sparkling nature of glass. The mark also allows for printed applications to be marked in the same way as glass objects. 

For existing process photography we developed a colour treatment and standardised the art direction for product photography.
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Communication Strategy
Creative Direction
Andy Butler

Art Direction
Andy Butler

Graphic Design
Andy Butler
Fernando Toral

Project Management
Sara Bautista



Process / Workshop: Nouvel Archive + Fernando Etulain
Product: Santiago Tassier

Web Programming
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